Akinyele Local Government was formed in 1976, out of which Ido Local government was carved out in 1989, leaving it with its present structure of 12 wards with headquarters at Moniya.

 It is bounded in the east by Lagelu LGA, by Afijio LGA in the North, by Ibadan North LGA in the South, and in the West by Ido LGA. It had a population of 211, 811 in 2006 with 105,594 male and 106,217 female,  at 4.14% population growth rate. It is 222 square kilometers in area.

Akinyele LGA has been divided into 3, as follows.

  1. AKINYELE Main Local Government Headquarters at Moniya.
  2. AINYELE EAST LCDA Headquarters at Ikereku
  3. AKINYELE SOUTH LCDA Headquaters at Igbo Oloyin.

The Local Government 12wards are under the following;

  1. AKINYELE Local Government with 4 wards i.e MONIYA, IJAYE, ALABATA and  OLORISAOKO

The Local Government in its entirety comprises a number of Historic and Ancient settlements of Yoruba Origins established by the ancient warlords like IKEREKU, IROKO, IJAYE and AKINYELE of OYO and ILE-IFE descendants that were reckoned with in the history of Yoruba Land.

The economic activity is predominantly dominated by Farming as Agriculture claims major engagement of the population. People also engage in Artisan works, Communication services, Recreation service providers, Transportation, Construction works as well as Trading.etc.

Akinyele is one of the major Agriculture life hold of the State as Crops like Cocoa, Palm Products, Plantain, Banana, Cassava, Yam, Maize, Citrus and various other cash crops are grown in the Local Government apart from various Poultry and Animal farming.

Being a major junction and easiest entrance to Ibadan city, Transportation contributes highly to the economic sustenance of the entire State as Major Garages were established at differentjunction ranging from Bus terminus, Trailer parks and other means of transport interconnections are strategically established.

Akinyele is also the central Butchery \Abattoir centre serving wide coverage meat supply to most places in the South-West as about 1,000 metric ton of cow meat and beef are supplied daily contributing immensely to the GDP of the State.

The prestigious International Institute of Tropical Agriculture is established in Akinyele Local Government.



Road and Transportation Network:

The Local Government can boast of the different Road Network comprising

Trunk A Roads

Ibadan – Ilorin Road and Ibadan –Oyo Road

Trunk B Road

Ibadan – Iseyin Road.

Trunk C Road

More than 500,000 Kilometers across the nook and craning of the Local Government.

The new construction of RAILWAY (Lagos- Kano\ Sokoto) passes through a high length long area in Akinyele Local Government given the Local Government a Dry-Port the construction which is progress with the expectation of buoyant economic activity around the port.

Mineral deposit ,

Granite in Akinyele Local Government  located at Sasa,Ijaye and Mele area is of High Quality good for construction work.


Public Primary School   123

Private Primary School  50

Public Secondary School12

Private Secondary School    20


Health and Medicals:


General Hospital                     1

Primary Health Centre         28

TBL Clinic1

Dental Centre                          1

Private Hospital                    18

Private Maternity Center      5


Hotel and Recreation Center


About 50 Hotel\Guest Houses spread across the Local Government.