Projects and some achievements

Past and recent projects we carried out 

Some Achievements

  • Maximum utilization of available resources in Funding huge commitment of the Local Government


  • Provision of Social Infrastructures on Roads construction and maintenance, provision of Electricity, Water facilities as well as their maintenances.


  • Health programme in term of PHC facilities and their maintenances as well as provision of medical consumables.


  • Education financing through construction of classrooms and their maintenances and provision and distribution of exercise books including other various educational programmes.


  • Being an Agrarian economy, various Farmers support programmes were executed as well as the Local Government engagement in farming activities like fish production, poultry activity, vegetable farming etc.


  • Maintenance of Law and Order through Vigilante activities, supports to security agents and dispute resolution and mediation activities through the Traditional rulers and community development committee activities.


  • Our Youths and women are also engaged through various education and enlightenment and empowerment programmes as well as sporting activities and financial support and vocational activities.


  • Other activities ranges from environmental sanitation, social engagement, support to market men and women, empowerments, Bursary, immunization and disease control just but to mention a few.